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Pineapple Tarts are extremely important during your Chinese New Year Celebrations. Equip yourself with the best pineapple tarts to not only pamper yourself, but to also impress your guests!

Facts about Bing Liang Pineapple Tart:

  • Handmade and Homemade
  • Uses Top Grade Golden Butter
  • Melt in Your Mouth
  • Not too Sweet
  • Non-crumbly texture that is slightly flaky
  • Great taste

Box Dimensions: 11.5 cm (Diameter) x 10 cm (Height)

Approximately 30 pineapple tarts in a container

Weight: 450 g

Product Information:

 100% Handmade

 10/10 Taste

 No Preservatives

 Free Delivery Above S$ 88.00

Still don’t trust what you see? Come on down to our tasting venue for free tasting after 31 December 2018. Click here for the address.

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